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Beating Multiple Sclerosis

There is a cure for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. It may affect multiple areas of this system at different points in time. More women are likely to develop MS than men and it prevails mainly in people of European descent (Northern Europe). Usually MS affects people who are younger than 50 years of age.

People who suffer from this disease experience muscle weakness in their limbs and poor coordination and balance. It may lead to difficulty in walking and standing while some MS patients will develop paralysis. Most of them however report on abnormal sensory feelings like numbness and/or tingling (needles) sensations. They also may suffer from hearing or vision loss (all the way to blindness). Involuntary actions Nerves (like intestines and bladder) are often effected causing constipation and urinary retention. Many MS sufferers experience bladder and kidney infections or even blood infection.

According to western medicine a cure for multiple sclerosis does not yet exist. There are medications used to treat the disease but they have a slue of side effect including appetite suppression and impact on moods and energy level. Patients are encouraged to follow a healthy diet and regular aerobic exercise in order to enhance their quality of life (improve muscle strength as well as bladder and bowel control)

It is no wonder that people who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis are looking for a cure in places other than western medicine. We keep hearing continuously that the research for a cure is just on the threshold of the final discovery but the people who suffer from MS do not have to wait any longer. Ayurvedic medicine is curing Multiple Sclerosis and many other chronic diseases for years with incredible rate of success. You have to go to New Delhi, India to get this treatment but it is working without a doubt.

Many people will not even consider a trip to India because of the cost and the fear of the sanitary condition that they might have to endure there. In reality none of their fears are really justified. The treatment duration is about three weeks. The Ayurvedic Hospital in Delhi is very clean, the water are purified and the food is wholesome and fresh. You are practically isolated from the surrounding environment. The hospitalization cost is very low (about 10% of a hospital cost in North America). The best price available is during the summer months (July and August). It is the hot season but you have there an AC room and the saving is substantial.

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